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Jul 20, 2013

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Anarbor: Young Rock band from Phoenix, AZ. They signed to Hopeless Records while still in High School and put out their debut album on Hopeless in 2010.

Man Overboard:

The Early November: Technically, The Early November's roots began ten years ago in Hammonton, New Jersey, when left handed Ace Enders picked up his step-dad's right-handed guitar and taught himself how to play. As he improved, he continued to play right handed, but began to play with the goal of getting a recording contract.

"Originally, it was just me. I had some acoustic songs and I was looking to make a record. I was able to record everything but drums and bass, so I was searching for band members that had the same taste in music and the same goals."

On the hunt for the perfect chemistry, Ace persevered through 15 band member changes in less than a year. Eventually, he came to find drummer Jeff Kummer and together they came up with the name The Early November. "At the start of November, the weather still hasn't decided what it is going to do; it can be hot at the beginning of the month, then suddenly turn cold," Jeff explains, "Early November is the changing of the seasons. It is the calm before the storm, a feeling that can be associated with anything in life, particularly relationships, so we felt it would be an appropriate name for our band."

Together, Jeff and Ace as The Early November recorded a demo showcasing acoustic guitars with minimal drums and bass as back up. In the path of their influences: Jimmy Eat World and The Who, the music recorded was an incredible mix of intense rock songs with slower, sing-a-longs, each passionately capturing a spectrum of everyday feelings that all audiences can relate to. The demo was sent out to the only record label the band was interested in: Drive-Thru Records.

With so many demos coming through the Drive-Thru office, it took an in-person meeting with label co-owner Richard Reines to bring record deal attention to the band. Richard received an instant message from one of the band member's girlfriends, asking him if he had heard the demo. As luck would have it, Richard was visiting the bandís hometown in New Jersey and agreed to meet with them to at least give some advice. The band was incredibly excited about the meeting and brought all their equipment with them, in hopes of playing live for Richard.

Although they did not perform for him that night, they did play the demo. Richard then brought the CD back to his sister and co-owner of Drive-Thru, Stefanie Reines. What Richard and Stefanie heard on the demo was Ace's intensely personal lyrics with music that mirrored and increased the emotional vibe of each song, much in the way that a soundtrack in a movie increases the drama of each scene. "The last time a band stirred up this much emotion in me was six years ago when I discovered Jimmy Eat World," responds Stefanie.

By the time that Drive-Thru offered them a record deal, The Early November was a full band with Ace Enders, Guitars and Vocals; Jeff Kummer, Drums; Sergio Anello, Bass; and Joesph Marro, Guitars, Rhodes piano, keyboards, vibraphone.

Although the band had never been on the road before, playing only as local support for acts that came through the state of New Jersey, Richard and Stefanie were confident in the band to put them on the Drive-Thru Stage of the Warped for selected dates.

As rumors spread about Drive-Thru's new signing, The Early November won over larger audiences at Warped. Their popularity was also shown on three of their songs quickly rose to the top five of the punk charts, with "Every Night's Another Story" hitting #1. Within two months The Early November already had over 180,000 downloads on

The Early November's EP, "For All Of This" is due out appropriately on November 5. Featured on the EP will be "Every Night's Another Story", "All We Ever Needed", "I Wanna Hear You Sad" and "Ashala Rock."

Two versions of the EP will be available. An acoustic version will be...

The Wonder Years: The Wonder Years are a pop punk/hardcore punk band from Philadelphia started in June 2005. Since then they have 2 full lengths, 2 EP's, and several splits and compilation contributions. They are signed to No Sleep Records.

wallpaper: Wallpaper does not reflect upon the current state of rock ‘n roll with ironic boredom – they find the need for idols to be a bore. On the Chewing Gum Ground captures the modern era that they ostentatiously do not feel a part of. Keeping a steady sneer but subtracting angst and teenage romanticism, Wallpaper keeps the outlook shiny and appealing – just so long as you don’t try and find a new rock icon within. It’s all guitars. It’s all handclaps.

Wallpaper’s core members met in middle school, and On the Chewing Gum Ground represents much of their adult work over the past four years. Hailing from Auburn, Washington – a place just close enough to the ocean to make weekend trips and understand what the Beach Boys are about – they mix 50s rebel rock and 60s surf mixed with the crucial wave of 80s underground music. The strength and allure of the album comes in the juxtaposition of pop sensibilities with lyrics sung like a sliding shimmy but written with a call for a pop-cultural reform.

For taking such a stance, this album lacks the bitterness that one would expect. They want to get people excited about hearing rock ‘n roll not bored by post-post-post movements. The lack of ego on The Chewing Gum Ground is striking and makes their grooves so deeply satisfying. Wallpaper’s songs can move from shirts tucked and un-tucked, from fist pumps to knee slaps; it is refreshingly laidback and uncomplicated – just how they want their rock ‘n roll world to be.

From K Records Site

We Came As Romans: We Came as Romans arrived onto the midwestern metalcore scene in 2005, playing venues in their hometown of Troy, Michigan. They performed throughout the metro Detroit area and in 2008 the band self released two EP's, "Demonstrations" and "Dreams," both of which were sold at We Came as Romans concert dates and online through iTunes. The band quickly attracted the attention of punk/metal label, Equal Vision Records, who released the band's first full length LP, To Plant a Seed, in 2009. The album generated moderate success on the charts and their first music video, "To Plant a Seed," garnered more than three million impressions on YouTube.

In support of their first album, We Came as Romans concert dates were booked on the Scream it Like You Mean It 2010 Tour and the No Sleep Til' Festival with their predecessor, Megadeath. Following the successful completion of these shows, We Came As Romans tour dates 2011 were scheduled on the Motel 6 Rock Yourself to Sleep Tour which had the band touring the US in January and February. We Came as Romans maintain a busy concert schedule and have been continuously touring since the inception of the band in 2005. While on tour, however, the band finds time to write and produce new music and they are scheduled to record the follow up to "To Plant a Seed," in Spring 2011. An extensive We Came as Romans Tour 2011 has been booked with the band scheduled to perform at venues throughout the country.

We Came As Romans tour dates have been announced with scheduled appearances at the Groezrock 2011 European Tour, with NOFX and the Dropkick Murphys, and the Vans Warped Tour 2011 this summer. In addition to these festivals, We Came as Romans tour dates 2011 are scheduled throughout the Detroit Metro area and select North American cities. Headbangers and metalcore fans alike are screaming at the chance to catch We Came as Romans concert dates. Use Eventful as your source for We Came As Romans tour dates and other metal events, festivals, and concerts.

Allstar Weekend: In early 2009 the members of San Diego’s Allstar Weekend drove up to Los Angeles to hand out flyers outside the premiere of Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience. A little over a year later, the band’s high-energy pop-punk single “A Different Side of Me” has sold over 100,000 copies and topped Radio Disney’s Top 30 Countdown. So what do these clean-cut kids—friends since high school who got their start as Allstar Weekend playing local pool parties—make of the last 12 months? “It’s been totally crazy!” says singer Zach Porter. Adds guitarist Nathan Darmody: “Super-surreal is probably the best way to describe it.” Bassist Cameron Quiseng shakes his head, still amazed that “a song that we wrote in one of our bedrooms when we were 16 is now number one on Radio Disney.” At a moment of narrowing opportunity for new acts, Allstar Weekend’s speedy ascent might come as a surprise. (“I can’t tell you how many times we played to just a sound guy,” admits drummer Michael Martinez.) In truth, though, the band’s close proximity to its roots is a big part of what drives its popularity. “With Allstar Weekend, what you see is what you get,” Porter explains. “We do all the things that normal teenagers do, and that’s exactly what we write our songs about.” The same goes for the group’s music videos, two of which—“A Different Side of Me” and “Journey to the End of My Life”—have racked up a combined million views on YouTube. “They showcase who we are as people,” Darmody says of the clips, “and I think that’s why people enjoy watching them. We’re just these four weird, funny guys being ourselves, you know? Our fans connect with that.” There’s no doubt those fans will connect with the songs on Suddenly, Allstar Weekend’s aptly titled Hollywood Records debut. From “Hey Princess,” the set’s lovesick opener, to “The Weekend,” its exuberant closer, these seven tracks serve as a relentlessly catchy dispatch from the front lines of the American adolescence. Everyone in the group points to blink-182—another San Diego outfit with a knack for pairing polished riffs with everyday sentiments—as a key inspiration. “They were the first band where I was like, ‘That’s what I wanna do,’” says Quiseng. Yet with its descriptive lyrics and its dramatic streak, Suddenly reveals plenty of other influences, as well, including Bruce Springsteen and Elton John, two giants Porter says his parents exposed him to at an early age. Darmody sites more recent acts such as MGMT, LCD Soundsystem and Kings of Leon as influences, while Quiseng and Martinez rave about Prince. For help translating the full spectrum of Allstar Weekend’s dynamic sound to tape, the band enlisted no fewer than three separate producers, each an individual heavy-hitter: Howard Benson (Daughtry, My Chemical Romance), John Feldmann (Goldfinger, Good Charlotte) and S*A*M & Sluggo (Cobra Starship, Metro Station). Recording with such established talents was “definitely intimidating,” Darmody allows. “But it was also such a pleasure working with people who we aspired to be like when we were in the garage working on songs.” Adds Porter, “We feel like we’ve learned so much.” That knowledge tucked securely under their collective belt, the members of Allstar Weekend will spend the rest of 2010 on the road supporting Suddenly, an experience all four musicians say they couldn’t be more excited about. “We worked our butts off to make this record the best we can, and we’ve worked our butts off to put together a great live show,” says Porter with visible enthusiasm. “We can’t wait to just get out there and play our new songs for our fans.”

Bring Me The Horizon: With countries like Norway and Germany known for the unique brutality and darkness of their metal bands, some people are finding it hard to believe that one of the most popular and heavy metal bands around is from England. Their style is one that has only emerged in recent years called deathcore, which is a combination of death metal and metalcore that leads to a lightning fast speed and a harder sound than mere metalcore. The band's latest album, There is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret, has done impressively in the mainstream music scene, with many critics praising the record. Fresh off a winter tour with Architects, both bands have announced more European tour dates in 2011, beginning this summer.

Bring Me the Horizon formed in Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK circa 2004 and currently consists of Oliver Sykes (lead vocals, keyboards), Lee Malia (lead guitar), Matt Kean (bass), Jona Weinhofen (rhythm guitar), and Matt Nicholls (drums). The group played local shows for years and gained a small following before becoming the first band signed to Thirty Days of Night Records. The label released their debut EP, This Is What the Edge of Your Seat Was Made For, in 2004 to positive feedback. The album did well enough for BTMH to play tour dates more extensively around England. Frequent concert dates combined with MySpace exposure began to spread word of Bring Me the Horizon across the UK, and did so with a repertoire of only four songs.

In 2006, Bring Me the Horizon's debut LP, Count Your Blessings, hit stores in the UK. The album received mostly favorable reviews and is considered BMTH's heaviest album to date. The success of the album allowed the group to play tour dates in parts of Europe beyond the UK and, with the new album in tow, Bring Me the Horizon was making themselves even more well known. The exposure was nothing compared to the success they'd experience upon the release of their 2008 album, Suicide Season. The album flushed out BMTH's now hugely popular deathcore sound that has been applauded by critics as well as gaining the group more exposure on major tour dates.

While Suicide Season brought Bring Me the Horizon slight fame overseas, it's their latest album that has most of the world talking. Suicide Season achieved a popular sound that is expanded upon in There is a Hell, featuring more elaborate song structures and a melodic, classical sound. Critics have praised the album for the bold yet improved evolution of BMTH's sound, while most fans have embraced the band's new direction. Projects for 2012 include the Vans Warped Tour and some quality time back in the studio in summer to work on their fourth album. Make sure to demand them and check Eventful to see if they're coming to your area!

Go Radio: Armed with an enviable combination of musical prowess and an impressive collection of honest, melodic songs, Tallahassee’s Go Radio is one of the most exciting new bands to emerge from Florida’s hotbed of rock n’ roll talent. Second EP Do Overs And Second Chances is a perfect showcase of the band’s abilities, evoking the excitement of discovering something fresh, something exciting. Something real.

Singer/guitarist Jason Lancaster formed Go Radio in 2008, recruiting Matt Burns on bass, Alex Reed on guitar and Steven Kopacz on drums. The quartet released first EP, Welcome To Life, in August 2008, and after sensing that they had created something truly special, decided to test the new songs out on the road. “At first Go Radio was just an outlet to write and make music, but after a week or two, it all just started coming together,” notes Lancaster. “It became so much fun to start touring and playing for people, getting the responses from them. After we started touring more and decided to record the first EP, we knew this had the potential to grow and get bigger than we thought it could be.” The band spent the following two years captivating audiences with their refreshing take on pop-rock, signing to Fearless Records in January 2010.

Recorded with producers Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount (All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Cartel), Do Overs And Second Chances features seven handcrafted songs of heartbreak and redemption, and is a stunning showcase for Go Radios songwriting skills. While the euphoric riff of “When Dreaming Gets Drastic” is an explosion of an opener, it is epic closing ballad “Goodnight Moon” that truly displays Lancaster’s unique vocal talents. With a natural talent for encapsulating real emotion in every note, Lancaster’s voice has become known as one of the most unique in the scene, and never was this more apparent than on “Goodnight Moon”.

Go Radio has the rare ability to transcend genres – something that they are excited to push to its limits on tour in the coming year. While the band launches their EP alongside a coveted slot on one of the hottest tours of the spring, with A Day To Remember, August Burns Red and Silverstein, they are as at ease playing to large crowds on tour as they are pouring their soul into every note for an intimate group of fans. The band has made it their mission to play to diverse audiences, something that keeps that fuels their desire to stay inspired as a band. “You talk to any touring musician, or anyone who’s been in the game, it’s the most addictive thing there is,” notes Lancaster. “The feeling you get when people are listening to your songs and being touched by them, in any extreme way, angry or sad, is incredible. To evoke an emotion from something you’ve written or been a part of is most powerful drug in the world.”

Hawthorne Heights: Hawthorne Heights formed in 2001 originally under the name A Day in the Life.

Hawthorne Heights' drummer, Eron Bucciarelli, stated in the bonus edition DVD of The Silence in Black and White that Hawthorne is a reference to the author Nathaniel Hawthorne and Heights refers to transcendentalism. Another explanation, with an unknown origin, is that the name is a portmanteau of "Hawthorn (sic) Hill" and "Huber Heights," names of two areas around the band's hometown of Dayton, Ohio.

They burst onto the scene with 2004's The Silence in Black and White, their Victory Records debut. Fueled by the single "Ohio is For Lovers," the album went on to sell over 800,000 copies without virtually any radio play.

When their second album If Only You Were Lonely was released, it debuted at number 3 on the charts having sold 100,000 copies in the first week, powered by the lead single "Saying Sorry" which has received massive airplay on MTV, VH1 and Fuse.

On July 18, 2006 it was announced that they would be in the annual Nintendo Fusion Tour along with Relient K, Emery, The Plain White Ts and fresh from their spot on the Victory Records tour, The Sleeping.

On August 7, 2006, the band announced they would be leaving Victory Records, and are suing the label for breach of contract, copyright and trademark infringement, fraud, and abuse.

Due to the band leaving Victory, the Nintendo Fusion Tour has taken a particular significance as the band attempts to get signed onto a new label. The band has also gone for a world record attempt for having the largest street team ever as they are promoting the tour using their Myspace fans.

The current lineup is: JT Woodruff: Vocals/Guitar Micah Carli: Guitar Casey Calvert: Guitar/Backup Vocals Eron Buciarelli: Drums Matt Ridenour: Bass

I See Stars: I See Stars is an American rock band that formed in 2006 from Warren, Michigan. Their debut album, 3-D, featured a guest appearance from Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.[1] The album peaked at No. 176 on the Billboard 200. Their second album, The End of the World Party, was released on February 22, 2011. The band's third studio album, Digital Renegade, was released on March 13, 2012. Digital Renegade demonstrates a stylistic change, featuring a more aggressive musical style than their prior albums.

Mac Lethal: Mac Lethal gives good hugs. He also punches really hard.

After putting in a decade of hip-hop elbow grease; he one day realized he has put entirely too much time into honing his craft. The problem was, however, that he hasn't put nearly enough time into saving his money, laying off the booze, overcoming his weakness for seductive women, and finally creating his groundbreaking album that explains this strange enigma of a man.

Featured in Urb Magazine's Next 100 in 2003, next to 99 other artists that still work day jobs, Mac Lethal really had made some deep impressions on the music industry. He was the media's little pitbull puppy -- terrorizing rappers at prestigious events like Scribble Jam and taking the championship belt, or gorilla-style touring with hip-hop flagship artists Atmosphere and Sage Francis.

When asked about such remarkable accomplishments, Mac Lethal said, "Being addicted to sleeping pills is like being addicted to Kool-Aid. All it does is add flavor to nature's fine creation." Um. He may have said something slightly more pertinent to his music career, however, he was eating a delectable slab of Kansas City BBQ and was hard to understand.

That has been his theme; Being hard to understand.

Never Shout Never: Never Shout Never has been reborn. While the moniker has long referred to 20-year-old Christofer Drew, it is now the name of a full band with the messy-haired singer-songwriter at its helm – and the change couldn’t have come at a better time.”

With six EPs and two albums under belt, over 2.5 million Facebook fans, nearly 50 million MySpace profile views and over 157 million song plays, it’s clear that Drew has achieved breakthrough success since his first upload. However, the talented guitarist experienced some dark moments following the release of his Butch Vig-produced album, Harmony, becoming “a little bitter towards the music industry” and left shaken by the breakup from his girlfriend of almost two years. But, through his search for a higher consciousness, he found a path of enlightenment that led to a whole new outlook on music and life.

In an almost therapeutic way, Drew has woven his experiences into Time Travel, the first album recorded and produced by Never Shout Never, which now includes Drew, Caleb Denison (guitar/drums/percussion), Taylor MacFee (bass) and Hayden Kaiser (guitar, percussion). The band members, who each contributed backing vocals on the full-length, holed up in Springfield, MO, just one hour outside of their hometown of Joplin, and dedicated themselves to making Never Shout Never’s most impressive album to date.

“It’s kind of been a long time coming,” Drew says. “I’ve always wanted Never Shout to be a band, but I’ve always had other people telling me that it’s my thing and I need to keep taking pictures by myself and stuff. But I’m at a point now where I found my core group of guys, and I would much rather go in with this new fresh outlook and as a group instead of focusing all on me. It’s going to be awesome having personalities in the group, because we’re all such different people, but at the same time, we all stand for and represent the same thing.”

Time Travel embodies a lush sound with fuller instrumentation, and, as Drew explains, the songs have a more experimental quality. “I wanted to make this album more of a little concept,” he says. “I just wanted it to be different than anything that we’ve done; I wanted it to be a little more trippy. I’ve always thought that it would be awesome to travel through time. I watch a lot of the History channel.””

Part of the album’s “trippy” nature comes from Drew’s newfound affinity for dance and meditation music. “For a while, I was kind of getting pretentious about the whole music thing,” he laments. “I was only listening to Dylan and like pre-‘70s kind of stuff, and I thought anything else was kind of bullshit, but I got my eyes opened up. I went on a trip out to California for a month and got super into the rave scene, and understood that there’s more to life than pretending to be Bob Dylan. I learned a lot about myself.”.

Although many changes are happening in Drew’s life, fans will undoubtedly follow their fearless leader in whichever direction he takes. Since the age of 16, audiences have watched him grow from a one-man show to a far-reaching phenomenon. To what does the tattooed rocker attribute his success? Simply being himself. “I’ve just been really genuine with everyone,” he explains. “Even when I was at my darkest places, I still tried to be super genuine. I think people appreciate that it’s been about real music and true expression.”

This LP, or “rebirth album,” as Drew likes to call it, kicks off with the epic title track, which was most inspired by Drew’s new-age influences. “Silver Ecstasy” was written by Denison, and is the first song on a Never Shout Never album that was not penned by Drew. “Getaway,” he says, is about “diving into a daydream with her and leaving it all behind for a little bit,” and was inspired by the stresses and drama of Drew’s breakup. “Robots” also focuses on a girl, but in this song, Drew is numb to her. “It’s just about being emotionless,” he says.

“Lost at Sea” is the album closer, which Drew wrote when he was having a “mental breakdown.” He explains, “I was home alone; no one was around. I didn’t know what else to do, so I grabbed my guitar and wrote this song. Whenever I say ‘lost at sea,’ it’s a metaphor for when I lose my mind. Like, if I lose my mind and never come back the same tell everyone that I’ll miss them, but I had to go. Pretty depressing, but at the same time a pretty cool tune.”

Since his last record, Drew has matured and been able to tap into a self-awareness that has ultimately helped him deal with his inner conflicts. “I’ve had this weird thing where I’ve almost dreaded success because I felt undeserving deep in my subconscious, but now I’m to this point where I’m accepting success and prepared for it, and I don’t think I’ve felt that before,” he reveals. “And whatever happens, happens. I just want to be genuine and stand for a normal dude in the industry and not let it get to me.”

As for the future, Never Should Never simply want to continue making records, playing live shows, experimenting with sound and “hopefully let people know that we’re here to have fun with music, not just to make money.” Drew adds, “We want to go at it like the same way that Queen did – just awesome experimental records, but making some great hits at the same time. We don’t want to have any limits.”

Christofer Drew and Never Shout Never continue to help raise money for their hometown of Joplin, MO which was devastated by tornados in late May. Christofer put together a campaign with the United Way in hopes to raise $1 million for Joplin. Text “JOMO” to 50555 to donate $10 to the immediate and long-term relief of Joplin, MO and watch the video of the destruction Chris put together himself, which also contains a clip of “Time Travel.”

New Years Day: THE STORY SO FAR: For a band who've been together just 10 months, New Years Day have quite a list of accomplishments—most notably, piquing the interest of a certain Fall Out Boy's record label. "We were approached by Decaydance about putting something out in the future," explains guitarist/keyboardist Keith Drover, "but as luck would have it, we lagged and lost our chance to be a part of it." Decaydance's loss is surely another label's gain, and with New Years Day's blend of girl-power vocals and dark pop-song structures, we'd advise A&R reps to start booking flights, like, now.

WHY YOU SHOULD KNOW 'EM: When Motion City Soundtrack's Justin Pierre offers you a song, you sing it. "He's an extremely talented musician with an incredible ear," gushes singer Ashley Hittesdorf of the Pierre-written, NYD-performed "About A Boy." "We're hoping to collaborate [again] on our first full-length." When will that be? Well, the band are hoping to hook up with engineer Steve Evetts when he's done working on the new Saves The Day album. "It's easy to do what you love, but it's not as easy to be able to afford to do it," explains Drover. "It's a tough line to walk, but we know we have to pay our dues to make this all successful." —Leslie Simon

Oh Sleeper: Oddly enough, failure is the binding fabric that held the members of recently formed Oh, Sleeper together and kept them from slowly embedding themselves further in defeat. "Everyone in this project refused to continue on with our lives until weve made the difference that we are supposed to make in music." says drummer Ryan Conley. Scattered in different corners of the country, something bigger brought these guys together in April of 2006. With the majority of the members coming from short-lived rock outfit Terminal (Tooth & Nail Records), it's no surprise that the band signed a deal with Solid State Records in the summer of '07. Oh, Sleeper brings a full plate of heavy and dark guitars with thought out lyrics that refuse to shy away from truth. Music is a weapon and they plan to fully utilize this divine appointment for nothing other than a purpose greater than themselves. Starr explains: "At the end of the day, a song is nothing more than a bunch of notes and chords strategically thrown together. Dont get me wrong, music is awesome but I feel there is something more to this life than writing a hit song and selling records. Anyone can learn how to play an instrument, but what good is it if you only use that talent for self gratification?" Oh, Sleeper just finished recording their debut full-length for Solid State Records with Andreas Magnusson (Scarlet, The Agony Scene, Spitfire). Look for it in stores everywhere October 23, 2007.

Reel Big Fish: While its been more than fifteen years since their hit, "Sell-Out", hit the airwaves, Reel Big Fish continues to pack venues across the country each year. The ska-punk rockers who helped define the So-Cal ska scene in the late-90s have been rockin' out for nearly two decades and show no signs of slowing down.

Frontman Aaron Barrett formed the ska-infused band in Huntington Beach in 1992. After releasing a demo that year, the band self-released their debut album, Everything Sucks, in 1995 on Piss Off Records. The album was a success for an independently released debut and reached #106 on the Billboard 200. The effort brought Reel Big Fish a record deal with Mojo Records who released their sophomore album, Turn the Radio Off, in 1996. Reel Big Fish tour dates were scheduled around the US and they were largely hailed for bringing Ska music to new audiences nationwide. Their signature single, "Sell Out" became a hit on MTV and on radio, reaching the top ten on Billboard's modern rock format. They released their third album, Why Do They Rock So Hard? and they recorded a cover of "Take On Me" in 1998, when the song and the band appeared in BASEketball. Following a promotional tour, Reel Big Fish's original line-up ended and Barrett searched for new members.

After a four year absence, Reel Big Fish released Cheer Up!, and they scored another hit with "Where have You Been". Reel Big Fish tour dates were scheduled in smaller venues nationally and they maintained a hectic touring schedule in their So-Cal home to play to their loyal fans. They released the concert DVD The Show Must Go Off! in 2003 before releasing their fourth album, We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy, showcasing their sense of humor. Reel Big Fish embarked on a tour throughout 2006 and were subsequently dropped from their label and started their own imprint. In 2007, they released their first independent album, Monkeys for Nothin' and the Chimps for Free. Reel Big Fish tour dates were scheduled on Warped Tour 2008 and they worked on new material for their next album.

In 2011, they released A Best of Us for the Rest of Us, which was an acoustic album of re-recorded material. In January, the band announced that they will embark on a 20th Anniversary Reel Big Fish Tour which has the band traversing the nation. They are ska legends in their own right and will be playing shows for years to come. Don't miss a date on Reel Big Fish's latest tour; use Eventful as your source for Reel Big Fish tour dates and concert schedule information.


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Set It Off: Yo!!! This is SET IT OFF. We love you. We want you to come to shows and dance your keister off! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS ALL ABOUT US!!!! :) Derka derka....

Story of the Year: With its explosive, infectious roar, "Wake Up" alerts Story of the Year's fanatical, global following that the epic, uplifting The Black Swan is upon us. An artistic triumph in every sense, the beloved, million-selling band's third studio album is unequivocally its finest, building on the strength of past accomplishments while celebrating a newfound allegiance with Epitaph.

"Making this record felt like starting over," says Dan Marsala, frontman for the St. Louis-reared quintet. "We're like a brand new band. You can hear it in these songs, we're excited again. I think we've really stepped it up on this record."

If Story of the Year's career achievements - from 2003's smash debut Page Avenue to headlining massive festivals such as the Van's Warped Tour and Taste of Chaos, to world tours with the likes of My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park and The Used - have been abundant, they've also been the result of the esteemed modern rock outfit's tireless work ethic and willingness to push boundaries musically. Approaching the follow-up to 2005's In the Wake of Determination with a burst of creative freedom, Story of the Year - which also counts guitarists Ryan Phillips and Philip Sneed, bassist Adam Russell and drummer Josh Wills - elevates The Black Swan with these same key convictions.

Leaps and bounds beyond the standards of what an alt-rock anthem can be in 2008, the remarkably powerful, hopeful and deeply personal "Tell Me" is undeniable. "It opens with a fucking gnarly, classic riff that hits you right between the eyes," Ryan enthuses.

"It's about our band," Dan acknowledges. "Before we signed to Epitaph, things were up in the air for us. We knew we didn't want to be on a major label anymore. We were like, 'What does this mean? Is our band done?' We really had to work through it and it was a weird time for us. But it's also been a really positive experience. Like, 'we're going to get through this together and nothing can stop us!'"

Thematically based around the concept of impactful, unpredictable events, The Black Swan hits home with Story of the Year in that it relates to a massively successful rock band breaking free of confines and restrictions to thrive on its own terms. "Epitaph seemed like the perfect place for us at this time in our career," Ryan explains. "It's a much more creative environment." To which Dan adds, "We could tell that Brett [Gurewitz, Epitaph's founder] loved the songs."

Despite a back catalog that counts a half dozen radio staples (like 2003's "Until The Day I Die" to 2006's "Take Me Back") and a wall full of gold and platinum awards for record sales in North America, Japan and Australia, Story of the Year's loyal fans are its principal concern. And the legions that discovered the group via Page Avenue will be pleased to learn the group re-teamed with producer John Feldmann for a handful of tracks on The Black Swan.

Among them is the aforementioned, explosive "Wake Up," a collaboration between Phillips, Marsala and Russell, which took lyrical inspiration from Carl Sagan's book Pale Blue Dot. Written from a global perspective, Dan says of the track, "When you think about just how small the earth really is and just how small the human race really is, our existence is almost insignificant in the greater scheme of things. You think of how the wars and all of the fighting and killing are just so unnecessary. It's pointless, and we should all be living our lives to the fullest."

Elsewhere, the band's first bona fide ballad, "Terrified," upholds the same line of thinking, with an emotional and uplifting delivery. "It's an amazing story about a man who goes off to war leaving a pregnant wife," says Ryan. "It narrates from both sides; their fears, emotions, and the fact that she doesn't even know if he's still alive. It's a hard hitting song that needed to be personal and epic instead of heavy."

"A lot of this record explores social and ethical issues that we feel strongly about," explains Marsala. As is the case with the melodic charge of "We're Not Gonna Make It" which explores the struggle for an interracial couple to find acceptance and support from their parents and beyond in an overwhelmingly prejudiced America.

Equally poignant is the thought-provoking "Message To The World," which sends a global memorandum via the refrain, "When you kill me do it slowly." "People have this weird blind nationalism," says Dan. "Like, 'we're from America! And America is good. And we've gotta support America. And nobody else matters, because we're better than everybody.' And it's pretty obvious that having that kind of outlook will only result in things ending badly."

Additionally, Story of the Year teams with it-producer Elvis Baskette (Chevelle, Escape The Fate) on The Black Swan. "Elvis is a little more organic," Dan laughs. "He wants the guitars loud!" Be it "Welcome To Our New War," a stand out track that takes the group's shredding mastery to new heights, or the powerful riffs that propel "Apathy Is A Deathwish" - a track Phillips says, "Makes me want to smash stuff and drink a car-bomb shot" - the results are simply stellar.

Ferocious and thought-provoking, The Black Swan finds Story of the Year in the rare position of being one of the biggest bands in the world, while being left to its own devices to evolve and flourish creatively.

"I hope people really read into the lyrics and respect the fact that we don't sing about lollipops and gummi-bears," Ryan explains. "Musically, we've grown so much. We have some very unique, timeless, face melting guitar riffs and solos that have come to define our sound, without compromising the idea of a classic song."

Woe, Is Me: Woe, Is Me is one of the latest bands to hit the metalcore scene, wowing fans with their unique use of synth, brutal metal riffs, and alternating clean and unclean vocals. Woe, Is Me's concert dates have become hugely popular lately, with energetic performances attended by the band's loyal fan base. They caught the world's attention on their Myspace page when they released three hugely popular demo songs, and later an entertaining cover of the Ke$ha song "Tik Tok". Their debut album, Number[s], reached #16 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart and has inspired numerous tour dates in 2010 and 2011, including a spot on the 2011 Warped Tour dates.

In September of 2009, Woe, Is Me was formed by former Of Machines drummer Austin Thornton, Tim Sherrill (lead guitar), Kevin Hanson (rhythm guitar), and brothers Cory (bass) and Ben (keyboards/synth) Ferris. Feeling the group needed stronger vocalists, they recruited Tyler Carter (clean) and Michael Bohn (unclean) to be Woe, Is Me's singers. The band recorded three demo songs -- "Hell, or High Water", "I.", and "If Not For Ourselves" -- a few months later, and they were quickly signed to the Rise Records imprint Velocity Records before playing even one concert date.

Less than a month later, Woe, Is Me had recorded their first album, Number[s]. The album was a great success and gave Woe, Is Me their first set of concert dates on the Pyknic pArtery tour with Drop Dead, Gorgeous, From First to Last, and Sleeping with Sirens. Following the release of the music video for the single "[&] Delinquents" in December 2010, lead guitarist Tim Sherrill quit the band. He was replaced by Geoffrey Higgins in March 2011, just before the announcement of a second album which is slated to release in fall of 2011.

Woe, Is Me should be pretty busy until the album's release, as they have a number of tour dates in 2011. Woe, Is Me is currently playing concert dates on The Artery Foundation's Across the Nation tour, headlined by Of Mice & Men and featuring I Set My Friends on Fire, Sleeping with Sirens, and The Amity Affliction. Next, Woe, Is Me will be playing the majority of tour dates on the 2011 Warped Tour, with their concert dates wrapping up on August 4. After a short hiatus (possibly to record), they're embarking on a few UK concert dates supporting Skylit Drive and featuring I Set My Friends on Fire on September 25 and ending on October 13. With so many upcoming tour dates in 2011, fans and metalcore enthusiasts will have to try pretty hard not to catch a concert date.

Big D And The Kids Table: After the 2005 Warped Tour, Boston’s Big D and the Kids Table were ready to record an album of “chilled out, tripped out” dub songs, as frontman David McWane describes them. But before they went into the studio they were contacted by SideOneDummy Records, who were drawn to the band’s uncommon combination of strict DIY work ethic (hundreds of fliers and stickers plastered everywhere at each show on the tour) and debauchery (their infamous series of “Little Bitch” beer-chugging videos became a huge hit amongst bands and crew members), not to mention their dynamic take on ska music and the fervent cult following they had amassed over a decade-long career. “SideOne called us up and said, ‘You need to do a ska record. You need to do the record that ska needs,’ ” explains McWane. “So we decided to do it, and it’s awesome.”

Big D came together ten years ago when the members converged at college in Boston. Thanks to the insane live show they put together, the band built up a huge local following almost immediately, packing clubs, halls, dorms, basements — you name it — all over New England. They formed their own label, Fork in Hand Records, to put out their first album, Shot By Lammi, in 1997, and before long they were releasing albums by a stable of popular Boston-area bands, building a vibrant punk/ska scene around themselves.

That DIY m.o. governs just about everything Big D have done, from engineering, producing, and releasing their own albums, which they did for the majority of their career, making their own videos, putting together their own DVD, or spreading the Big D and the Kids Table gospel by playing an average of 200 shows a year. Now, having teamed up with SideOneDummy, the band is ready to take things up a notch and lead ska’s next big resurgence. Their fourth full-length and SideOneDummy debut, Strictly Rude, which was produced by Mighty Mighty BossTones bassist and fellow Bostonian Joe Gittleman, is the product of a focused and hardworking band confident in their ability to do just that. Airtight and bird-flu infectious, the songs are the result of a solid year of writing and practicing for hours each day that they weren’t on the road. Members quit their jobs and couch surfed in order to put everything they had into their music.

Musically and lyrically, Strictly Rude is the band’s most mature work to date. The sounds of a piano, organ, and melodica rub up against the familiar horns and guitars. And although some of McWane’s youthful, fun-loving lyrical stylings remain — take the rambunctious party tune “Noise Complaint,” for example — he also deals with much more serious themes like political call-to-action (“Try Out Your Voice,”) alcoholism (“Breaking the Bottle,”) and tolerance (Hell On Earth).

From the catchy, dancy album opener “Steady Riot,” a song reminiscent of …And Out Come the Wolves-era Rancid, to the ominous minor-key creepiness of “Snakebite” to the slower, sunny “Shining On,” which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Lily Allen record, you get the idea that this just might be the record that ska needs — an album that’s as sophisticated as it is pleasing, as adventurous and experimental as it is fun. Most importantly, it’s a deeply candid effort that was shaped by an incalculable amount of effort, energy, thought, and love. “We’re talking about the normal life of a musician and his surroundings and the great artists around him that might not have the opportunity to get out,” says McWane. “It’s a very honest record.”

Action Item: Brian, Anthony, Dan, Mark & David

ARCHITECTS: We're Architects, a metal band from Brighton, England. Our second album 'RUIN' will be released in June 2007 via United By Fate Records

August Burns Red: August Burns Red, who initially formed in March of 2003, began this writing process almost immediately after finishing their shattering debut, Thrill Seeker, at the end of 2005, collecting ideas to follow up that disc with something even bigger. The five members of August Burns Red spent almost the entire year and half they were touring in support of Thrill Seeker penning the songs that landed on Messengers, eventually entering the studio in February 2007 in Nashville with Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Himsa, Dark Tranquility, Extol), with whom the fivesome co-produced the album. The group spent the month refining the tracks into the aggressive, pounding songs you hear on the finished album.

Billy Talent: Appearances can be deceiving. By all accounts, Billy Talent is a young band just releasing their second album. Hell, its even called II. But like most stories worth hearing, the best part often lies beneath the surface.

While II is the Toronto-based quartets sophomore record, the number hardly seems appropriate for this group of friends that first began this journey 13 years ago. And its those years of grounded experience that kept them from sacrificing II to the dreaded second album curse.

There can be a bit of a curse but its a curse thats explainable, says guitarist Ian DSa. You have your whole life to write your first record but sometimes you only have a few months to write the second one. The most important thing is to not get bogged down in other peoples timelines and just do it when you feel comfortable with the work. The band finished touring for their award-winning self-titled debut in late December 2004 and were scheduled to hit the studio the following February. But going from the road right to the recording studio isnt how Billy Talent rolls.

Black Veil Brides: Black Veil Brides is a unique combination of metalcore, hair metal, rock, and just a little KISS. Their heavy sound is complemented by a violin (played by Jinxx) and is characterized by a slow yet heavy driving sound. Their look is that of a goth version of Kiss, with the band wearing black and white make-up (each member has their own look) and big, styled black hair. Black Veil Brides concert dates are truly an event, complete with a high energy audience and a high energy performance by the band. While the band hasn't been around for a long time, it hasn't stopped Black Veil Brides from playing tour dates across the country with some popular bands in the black/death metal scene. While Black Veil Brides are done with tour dates for 2011, the success of their recent concert dates guarantees more live performances soon.

The band formed in 2006 and is currently composed of Ashley Purdy on bass and back-up vocals, Jake Pitts on lead guitar, Jinxx on guitar and occasionally the electric violin, Christian Coma on drums, and their charismatic lead singer Andy Six. The band has gathered a large and diverse following due to their blending of contemporary metal and 70's/80's rock. Black Veil Brides was formed in Cincinnati and were easily signed to StandBy Records in September of 2009, just after releasing their single "Knives and Pens". By December of that year they were already on their first US concert tour entitled On Leather Wings. Their first album, We Stitch These Wounds, didn't release until July of 2010 but quickly rose to number one on the Billboard Independent chart.

Black Veil Brides has the release of their second album, Set the World on Fire slated for June 21, 2011. It has already been announced that the album's title track will be used in the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie. Recently, the band headlined 2011 tour dates on the Ap tour, which featured Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, I See Stars, Versaemerge, and Conditions. With the release of an album in June, fans can expect more tour dates in 2011 in promotion of the album. Despite Black Veil Brides' recent rise to success, there will be plenty of opportunities to see them on concert dates and immerse in new music.

Craig Owens: Craig Owens from Chiodos/Cinematic Sunrise

Crossfaith: CROSSFAITH was formed in November of 2006 and the current line up is Vocal / Koie, Gt / Kazuki, Ba/ Hiroki, Dr/Tatsu, Sampler and Prog / Teru. CROSSFAITH is a band that evolutes Metalcore/Hardcore based aggressive songs with introducing strings and electronica sound effects to add catchy melody and unique structures of the songs. With this originality and the great live performance, it didn't take... time for them be well known by kids as they played with many big bands from oversea such as Machine Head, Hatebreed, Bleeding Though, August Burns Red, Asking Alexandria, Bless The Fall, Alesana, Greeley Estates, Pierce The Veil, Confide, to name a few.

In April 2009, their 1st album "The Artificial theory for the Dramatic Beauty” was released in Japan from ZESTONE RECORDS and it has been a long seller album since then. This album sparked Japanese Screamo / Metalcore music industry which had never existed before. CROSSFAITH has been on endless tour and experienced many big festivals in Japan including the biggest Japanese metal festival, LOUD PARK in October 2009. Among the greats, they proudly performed in front of huge audience and it was the day that they launched a movement toward revolution of the new generation.

In 2010, their unstoppable impetus became worldwide and their 1st album was released all over Europe from Gan-shin records. In the mean while, the band kept writing new songs and recorded new album "The Dream, The Space" with Andrew Wade ( as known as producer of A Day To Remember ) which was released in Japan on 20th of April 2011 from ZESTONE RECORDS. After releasing their 2nd album, they were on road and played many shows including a tour with Funeral For A Friend, and the biggest rock festival in Japan "Summer Sonic" and played in front of almost 10000 audience.

As they are getting bigger and bigger in Japan, the band's high potential crosses the seas. "The Dream, The Space" was released in the USA on 13th of September from Tragic Hero and getting postive reactions from kids in the USA. The band currently has experienced the first tour outside Japan with Big D and the Kids Table in China and in South East Asia with Alesana.

CROSSFAITH is the rare and genuine Japanese rock band that can be rated high internatinally and their quest of artistic imagination goes on and on.

MC Lars: MC Lars is a member of what he dubs the "iGeneration," a group born and raised in the time of the Ninja Turtles, cassette tapes and new wave music, who now live in the age of Desperate Housewives, Sidekicks and screamo bands. These are the kids who have grown up using the Internet as a part of their every day life. They can conveniently carry 5,000 songs in their pocket, but are faced with the glooming fact that the world's oil supply and Social Security will both run out in their lifetime. MC Lars is the hero of this new generation, addressing their thoughts and every day struggles in his music.

Lars has spent the past two years building this group of fans, performing around the world with nothing but his laptop and lyrics. His indie EP has sold over 10,000 copies to a dedicated group of misfits, allowing him to pulse the mainstream through unexpected outlets like Rolling Stone and MTV News. All of this has led him to the decision to steer his own ship and to release the album on his own label (Horris Records) rather than fall into the major label glut. He sees little need for the traditional label trappings and would rather storm his own trail through the Internet, even encouraging file-sharing as a means of promoting his music. "I think I've shown that you don't need to have mainstream exposure to get a dedicated fan base, especially when you have things like MySpace and LimeWire as creative ways of marketing yourself," he says.

The Graduate is a collection of songs that may very well be the time capsule for this generation. In a hundred years, iPods, MySpace and Hot Topic may be nothing more than a distant memory, but one listen to MC Lars' music will bring people back to the iGeneration. The title may be a nod to Lars' recent graduation from Stanford University, but the album also serves as a musical graduation, allowing Lars to move from sampling his favorite artists on his laptop to being able to collaborate with them in the studio. He adds, "I also like to hook up with older women like Dustin Hoffman does."

Silverstein: Silverstein (pronounced Silver-steen) is a five-piece post-hardcore band from Burlington, Ontario, whose music is sometimes labeled as screamo, though the band, particularly drummer Paul Koehler, rejects the screamo label.[1] The band name was taken from the famous children's author Shel Silverstein.

Silverstein formed in January of 2000[2]. During that same year, they self-released their first EP, Summer's Stellar Gaze[3]. After several lineup changes, the band acquired Billy Hamilton, a local fan who learned of the band's need for a bassist on the Internet message board "The 905 Board" (an Ontario area outreach board which used to be for local musicians). In December of 2001, he joined the band after Told helped him learn the music for the songs. Following a rehearsal on Boxing Day (December 26) in 2001, he officially debuted with Silverstein. The next spring, original guitarist Richard McWalter left the band to move to Victoria, British Columbia to study engineering. He was then replaced by Neil Boshart, childhood friend of Shane Told. The new lineup recorded a second EP, When the Shadows Beam, in preparation for their first tour in Eastern Canada. The band signed to Victory Records in October 2002 with a complete lineup as Hamilton attempted to complete his secondary education one semester early.

On December 14, 2008, the band announced by Myspace bulletin that its fourth CD would hit stores on March 31, 2009. The name of the new CD, A Shipwreck in the Sand, was announced on January 29, 2009, when the band concluded a viral marketing campaign by revealing the track listing at the album website. A demo version of one song, "Broken Stars" from the new CD had been put on the band's Myspace in late 2008 and played during their final U.S. tour in support of "Arrivals and Departures". A clip of a second song, "Vices", was also made available on Myspace, as occurred with the songs "Born Dead" and "American Dream." [8][9] On March 17, the band filmed a music video for "Vices" with director Robby Starbuck. Later, on March 23, 2009, the band posted the full album to stream on their official MySpace page.

An iTunes bonus track version of the album includes four cover songs, Help (The Beatles cover), Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac Cover), Three Miles Down (Saves The Day cover), and Total Bummer (NOFX cover).[10]

Silverstein contributed a cover version of "Apologize", originally recorded by OneRepublic, to the Punk Goes Pop 2 compilation album.[11]

After three shows in Ontario, the band embarked on a U.S. tour with Norma Jean, Before Their Eyes, and blessthefall. [12] The band then played several shows on the continent of Europe, and completed a UK tour supporting the Welsh Band The Blackout along with We Are The Ocean, Hollywood Undead and The Urgency. The band recently completed a small-market tour in Ontario and the Midwestern United States, and will play a brief stint on Warped Tour, followed by a show in Anchorage, Alaska. Their song "I Am The Arsonist" is a downloadable song on Guitar Hero: World Tour as of July 9.

(From Wikipedia)

The Chariot: What a difference a couple of years can make.

The Chariot are no longer the new kids on the block. What began, in the minds of most of the hardcore and metal underground, as the highly buzzed about reemergence of original Norma Jean singer Josh Scogin has since become a behemoth of its own distinction. Two years of touring behind the raw, unhinged and powerful bombast off Everything is Alive, Everything is Breathing, Nothing is Dead, Nothing is Bleeding and the follow-up EP, Unsung, have cemented the Southern quartets place in the modern metal landscape.

The next record will definitely define who The Chariot is, Scogin says matter-of-factly about their forthcoming sophomore album. I love the previous record but it does not define us. I feel like the vision for The Chariot has never been able to be achieved until now.

The Chariots hard-won and unique identity owes as much to their crazed and intense live shows as it does the settling-in of the bands present and most impressive incarnation: Scogin, drummer Jake Ryan, guitarist Jon Terry and bass player Dan Eaton.

Every band starts off all gung-ho about touring and playing shows non-stop, but eventually reality sets in and people realize that not everyone is cut out for this life, reasons Scogin, by way of explanation for The Chariots rapidly evolving lineup.

Member changes happen in almost every band the first few records. I can't speak for the members on why they have quit but I can honestly say it is for the best.

Scogin says that the new lineup sees eye to eye on everything, particularly their chosen style of music, which had been a problem in the past. The singer previously took on the majority of the writing responsibilities, which has also changed. Last but not least, these guys are some of my best friends, he says. I think that is one of the most important things about any band.

The Chariot continues to defines themselves by steering clear or easy categorization and by doing things their way like when they recorded their debut live in the studio, going against the grain of todays increasingly polished metalcore records. I have always loved old recordings, like Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis, because you hear many of the imperfections and that has always felt a little more real to me. So I was pretty persistent on recording in that same vein, even though it was not looked at as a wise decision, if you are in to making music to make money. I don't make music to make money so I did not care.

Despite the bands changes in lineup, and the ever-increasing fanbase they have collected through tours like the 2006 Sounds of the Underground, that renegade artistic spirit continues to drive The Chariot and everything they do.

We have never set out to sound like this band or sound like that band, we just do whatever we want to do, the sweet tea and BBQ loving singer says with typical Southern modesty. We don't care if it is the popular thing to do or if it is going to make us money or any of that nonsense, we only write music that we can feel passionate about. Everything else has nothing to do with rock and roll.


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